Anasayfa , YDG , In Solidarity with Students in Captivity, who Resist Fascism in Turkey!

In Solidarity with Students in Captivity, who Resist Fascism in Turkey!

ATİK – YDG  | 17 – 07 – 2012 | There are currently 771 students kept in prisons because they claimed their right to equal, free, scientific education and lessons to be in their mother tongue. They faced disciplinary actions, suspensions, repression, violence and imprisonment due to their opposing stance. This, once again proves that the ruler have no forbearance to any kind of opposing and demand for rights.

Those students who fight for their rights are seen as “a head to axe before it grows”. Universities are no longer institutions of science, wisdom and intellectualism where students research, debate and develop their knowledge in social and political matters; they are instead turned into private factories with rote, competitive, non-scientific, unqualified education to create its homogenised human type. The fascist TC State continues all its attacks on those who oppose, stand against and speak up to its brutal doings. The ruling fascist mentality doubles the force of its attacks when revolutionary or Kurdish students are involved. People’s youth, particularly the Kurdish youth are targeted and arrested without any evidence. They arrest these young people for reading legal books and papers, attending press conferences, and as in the example of Cihal Kirmizigul, they get arrested for wearing a “pusi” which is a traditional middle eastern scarf which became a very trendy fashion item all around the world and was worn by all off the large party leaders in Turkey during their visits to the east. Basing their evidence on these ludicrous reasoning they claim that these students are illegal party members and their court hearing can last for many decades; turning universities into prisons. However on the broader spectrum we know the reason under these attacks and arrests is to silence revolutionary, democrat and Kurdish people’s youth, particularly those whom are students. Members of New Democrat Youth have been arrested in Dersim solely for following the socialist press. They arrested tens of medicine students just before the Mesopotamia Medicine Congress. Two students who opened a banner to claim free education was sentenced to 8.5 years each. These are just few examples to dozens of arrests the fascist Turkish State has conducted. Trying to justify these kinds of arrest gluts with the ‘advanced democracy’ nonsense will mean suffocation of the struggle positions the students have created.

However, the issue is not just a question of being a student, the issue is the fascist state use every mean in every walk of life suppress any kind of opposition, struggle for rights and justice. Therefore, as the Turkish government increase the volume and severity of its attacks, it is our duty to increase the spirit and practice of international solidarity with those who are targeted by the ruling forces. As ATIK- New Democratic Youth we support the struggle for revolution and democracy in Turkey and take ownership on the struggle of those students whom are kept as captives by the state. It is our duty to expose the fascist face of the Turkish state and its attacks. It is our duty to be part of this resistance against injustice and the struggle for our fundamental rights. We must heighten solidarity with the people’s youth, particularly with the imprisoned students, in Turkey. We call upon all host and migrant progressive youth to show support and solidarity as an international duty.

Immediate release of students in captivity! 

Free, democratic and autonomous education for all! 

Down with fascist! 

Long Live International Solidarity!

ATİK – New Democratic Youth