The ongoing wars of the USA, the EU, Russia and other imperialist powers in the Middle East continue to open certain territories to the fascist Turkish state. Those imperialist powers once again made themselves the cronies of the fascist Turkish state in the attacks on the night of 19 November by giving Turkey the permission to use the airspace. It is not a coincidence that the Taksim bombing was used as a pretext to attack Rojava especially over Kobane. The fact that it returned empty- handed from its recent military operations against the guerrilla forces in Iraq Kurdistan and that it used chemical weapons and gases because its military might and technology, which it boasted of, were helpless against the resistance of the guerrilla forces, was an indicator of its defeat. That is why Turkey is bombing Iraq Kurdistan and Rojava, by trying to invade again.

While on the one hand the fascist Turkish state is attacking the areas where the guerrillas are staying, it continues to show its true murderous face by dropping bombs on the areas where the civilian population is staying and destroying gardens, fields and schools. Their intolerance towards all the achievements of the resistance in this region is shown in their statements.

The fascist AKP-MHP clique is calculating its election propaganda in the shadow of these attacks. By drawing the masses into polarisation once again, it is trying to target those who oppose this massacre. The way is paved for attacks against the HDP and its activists. Those who speak out and ask questions about the attacks in Taksim and Rojava are labelled as terrorists. A few minutes after the attack on Taksim, it was said “The order comes from Kobane”, making their intention clear and declaring all opposition activists as targets once again.

The fascist Turkish state, which was mainly exposed by the attack with chemical weapons and gases, imprisoned the human rights defender Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı and many opposition journalists and started legal proceedings against many people. After that, it attacked all protests condemning the occupation and tried to shackle people’s minds by banning protests and demonstrations in many cities. Protests of women, youth, LGBTI+ people, workers and labourers were banned and Turkey was turned into an open air prison.

The achievements of the resistance in Kobane have become a hope for the world and a fear for the fascist Turkish state!

The resistance and achievements of Kobane have given hope to the oppressed peoples of the world. The Kurdish people and the revolutionary communist forces who are resisting the attacks and massacres of the imperialist-led fascist ISIS gangs continue to protect the achievements they have made in Rojava at the cost of blood and lives. Despite all the attacks of the imperialist collaborating Turkish state and its gangs, the people of Rojava defend their achievements at the risk of their own lives.

Today, as yesterday, we will not remain silent to the attacks perpetrated in all parts of Kurdistan with unjust and unfounded speeches. We condemn the massacres that the fascist Turkish state wants to perpetrate and declare once again that we stand by the Kurdish people. We call on all democratic forces living in Europe to resist the fascist attacks of the Turkish state. v

– Long live Kobane – long live the resistance in Rojava!  

– Shoulder to shoulder against fascism!

ATİK – Confederation of New Workers from Turkey Woman in Europe